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Family Law

Located in Langley and serving Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, DLG’s lawyers have over 25 years of experience in family law. Our expert knowledge and professional advice can help you navigate separation and divorce, custody and parenting time and spousal support and child support arrangements.

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Separation & Divorce

In Canada, roughly 40% of marriages end in divorce. It may appear “normal”, but that doesn’t make it inconsequential. You’re more than a statistic and we’re here to help.

Guardianship, Custody & Parenting Time

Your children mean the world to you. We can help you set up a parenting arrangement that ensures their best interests are being protected.

Spousal & Child Support

Spousal support and child support are similar, but they’re treated differently in Canada. We understand those nuances, allowing us to best represent your case.

Property Division

You and your former partner likely accumulated property and wealth, whether large or small, during your relationship. We’re experts at fighting for what is rightly yours.