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Advanced Directives

You have a choice about the medical treatments you do or do not receive. You can rely on DLG to draft an Advanced Directive that makes your intentions clear.

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Advanced Health Care Plan

Advanced Directives – sometimes referred to as an advanced health care plan – is a document that you create and give to your health care professional. It outlines what your health care professional should do in the event that you cannot make your own decisions. If you have another person who is listed in a Representation Agreement, you should also give that person a copy of your Advanced Directive.


What to Include

The directives should include what types of health care treatments you are willing to accept and those which you will not accept. These might include breathing machines or feeding tubes. Your health care directives may also denote whether you wish to be on life support or accept other life-prolonging care.

While it is recommended that you meet and discuss your Advanced Directives with close family or friends, you are not legally required to do so.


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Our highly skilled team can provide all the services you need for Advanced Directives.

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Representation Agreements

Let the DLG team assist you in the preparation of a Representation Agreement to appoint a trusted individual to help you make health and personal care decisions.

Powers of Attorney

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Ensure your finances are protected by appointing a trusted family member or friend as your Attorney.


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