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Setting Up a Business

There are three main business structures in BC: sole proprietorship, partnership, and incorporation. If you’re in the Greater Vancouver or Fraser Valley area, we can help you choose, and set up, the right one for your unique situation.

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Setting up a business can be tedious. We know first hand as we do it regularly at Darnell Law Group. With that experience, you can trust us to set up your business quickly and reliably.


Three Main Choices

There are three main business structures in use in British Columbia: a sole proprietorship, where you are the only owner, and are personally responsible for the business profits and losses, a partnership, where you and at least one other partner own the business, and are personally responsible; and an incorporation where you as owner have only limited liability. Less common business structures include societies, cooperatives, community contribution corporations and limited liability partnerships.


Which One is Best for me?

It really depends. Each structure affects how you run your business, how you pay taxes, and how much legal protection you are afforded should someone sue your business. Plus, each structure offers a differing degree of protection for your business name. Then too, businesses change over time, and their underlying structure may need to be re-visited and revised. Our corporate lawyers will assess your current situation, and your future plans, to ensure you make the right choice.


Inevitable Paperwork

The proper initial organization of a business involves the drafting of appropriate constating documents, and the completion of necessary government registrations. If you’ve never started a business before, it can be confusing because of the various legal and financial implications associated with each business structure and the need to draft supporting legal documents. The highly-qualified corporate lawyers at Darnell Law Group make this overwhelming work seem easy, letting you focus on running your business efficiently.


We're Ready to Set Up Your Business

Our qualified and experienced corporate lawyers will help guide you to the best business structure for your unique business.

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Maintaining a Company

There’s no way around it – business compliance is a requirement by law. DLG has an active corporate records department to make this necessary evil a little less so.

Buying and Selling a Business

Buying and selling businesses can be fun. It can also be scary. We have the experience to make the process as smooth as possible.