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Spousal & Child Support

DLG’s highly-skilled lawyers have exceptional knowledge in spousal and child support. With nearly three decades of serving Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, they’re ready to assist you and your unique needs.

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Spousal Support is Discretionary

While the court orders child support based on federal guidelines, it orders spousal support at its discretion. The court looks at several factors to help determine spousal support, including but not limited to:

  • The financial needs, circumstances and means of both spouses;
  • What role each spouse played during the marriage, the effect of those roles, and whether those roles contributed to the breakdown of the marriage;
  • The ongoing responsibilities for the minor children;
  • The length of the marriage;
  • Any previous arrangements, order or agreements between the spouses.


Child Support Follows Federal Guidelines

Child support is paid out to support your children. It is usually determined by federal guidelines but there are variations. If you – as parents – were not married or, alternately, if you were married but are now separated and have not filed for divorce, then the court uses guidelines set by the province to determine the level of child support needed. It is important to note that both parents are required to contribute to the support of the child.


Support Experts

We deal with child and spousal support cases on a daily basis. You can trust us to understand your situation and the law in order to formulate the best possible solution for you.

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Separation & Divorce

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